Paisley Pants: OOTD

My outfit of the day or outfit of the…. other day, if you will. This is actually an outfit I took a picture of late last week but haven’t been able to upload until now. I picked up these red silky-smooth paisley pants from Michael Kors last Summer and have loved finding fun ways to style them since. Sometimes they are a bit challenging to work with as they can quite easily look like a chic pair of pyjama pants, but that is all in the fun of them. You can see how I worked with them in my Vancouver Photo Diary post as well.

michael kors paisley pants

So what did I do? I pulled out a light white linen sweater by wilfred which has been a closet favourite for years. I paired the garmets with my oh-so-comfy Lanvin smoking slippers and added some of my favourite gold accessories- my Tory Burch stud earrings, a J.Crew necklace and my Michael Kors runway glitz watch.

I admit that the outfit is a little too fashion forward to 99.99999% of people here but I don’t mind the looks, it is nice to be comfortable without looking like a set of barn hands.


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