Friday Inspiration

I’m going to try and start sharing stuff like this a bit more. I always find myself taking saving  pictures I like or find inspiring on instagram, or from all over the internet. Here is what I’ve been loving lately.

Lanny McDonald

From back in the day, Lanny McDonald rocking the most perfect layering of a hockey jersey ever, with the most amazing racing glasses. I love going for that kind of vibe so I am excited to have found how I am styling my jersey at the next hockey game I attend.

pierre hardy

Pierre Hardy on the @shoetease instagram. Love these shoes, you can expect to see them soon on Talk to My Shoes.

spinach salad strawberry

This is actually a piece of my own food porn. Dinner from a couple nights ago involved spinach, strawberry, soft cheese and pine nuts.

yoga balance

A yoga challenge that I have yet to try but like to pretend that I will totally get around to doing. If you love yoga check out @Prairiegirlsyoga on Instagram.

Calgary Alberta

From the Best City in the World: Yahoo! My home town on a very sunny warm day (unlike today) during Stampede Week.

photo 1-1

Sorry for the direct screen shot. But! What am I focusing on? The Hermes sandals of course.

oscar de la renta

From @KarlieKloss before Oscar de la Renta. I love the floral wall, and even more, the stuffed elephant. Fun fact: my favourite stuffed animal as a kid, which I am making it through life with, is an elephant named Elephant.

Karl Lagerfeld Karl Barbie

Karl Lagerfeld with the Karl Lagerfeld doll is easily one of my favourite things I have seen ever. This is something I’d love to have printed and put on a wall.

Jimmy Choo London Lion

Spotted in Trafalgar Square… Getting ready for London Fashion Week!

michael kors

Need I say more about those sandals?

Thank you everyone for stopping by and I hope that you all have a very relaxing and happy weekend!


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