Vancouver Photo Diary

I ended my time away from work this Summer by spending a great weekend in Vancouver. Growing up, my family would always head to the coast for a holiday so when we decided to head out there and visit my brother and his fiance for a couple days, I was beyond excited. I hadn’t been to the city in a couple years, not since I was in university so it had definitely been a while. The trip was filled with great food, great shopping and being around the people I love.

Vancouver Instagram

This is the view I had from my hotel room. Top floor of the Westin Grand hotel. Not my favourite hotel I’ve ever been in but it certainly did the job for the weekend.

photo 2

My brother has the cutest cat. Her name is Kitty and last time I saw her she decided that we would not be friends for some crazy reason. Judging by how the weekend went, I don’t think she cared to make amends. But she is friggin’ cute.

Michael Kors Paisley Pants

My favourite day of the trip was spent at the Vancouver Aquarium. My outfit included pants from Michael Kors, my favourite Tory Burch Sandals and Chain Wallet, a sweater from Zara, and some Prada sun glasses.

photo 3

photo 5photo 5-1photo 4

photo 1

After visiting the aquarium we walked through Stanley Park. It was so lush and green, totally different than anything you could ever find in Saskatchewan.

photo 3-1

Of course, in the style of being a true prairie girl, I found some horse statues and decided to ride one of them bareback. Because, why wouldn’t you? That is what they are there for, right?

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