Louis Vuitton “Unique” Boots

louis vuitton unique ankle boot

It’s Tuesday Shoesday And I’ve picked one of the most KILLER pair of boots I have ever seen. I saw these most gorgeous boots at Holt Renfrew the other week and had to control myself very hard to not try them on! I kept saying to myself “Anything in a glass pedestal is off limits today”. And while I did score big and I am thrilled with a new addition to my closet, I still have to share the pure glory of these Louis Vuitton “Unique” boots. 

louis vuitton unique ankle boot

I hate that these pictures do them no justice. Perhaps next time I head down, if they are still there I will take a snap for you so we can all ogle and be in bliss together. OK so they are just a simple boot but the tassels and gold hardware just scream serious business to me. How much do we love them? So much, right? Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton “Unique” Boots

  1. They are pretty awesome but knowing what else you hauled in from Holt this week I’d say. “These are nice! but you did better” Still, these are very easy on the eyes.

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