Giuseppe Zanotti FW’14

Giuseppe-Zanotti-Fall-2014Just a quick peek at Giuseppe Zanotti’s Fall/Winter line for this upcoming season. I really like how he continues to experiment with shape in his designs and makes use of metallics acting as a neutral.


Giuseppe-Zanotti-Fall-2014Of course, I am partial to anything with a heel, and I love boots. However, I feel like I’m the only one that hasn’t jumped onto this designer hightop-sneaker-whateveryouwanttocallit trend (excluding my Chanel sneakers. Because you know, Chanel is above and beyond anything ever).


Giuseppe-Zanotti-Fall-2014Thank you to everyone for stopping by for a visit. I hope everyone is having a great week (just WAIT till you see what I have coming up!!) and don’t forget to follow via Twitter: @talk2myshoes and Instagram: @talktomyshoes

Giuseppe-Zanotti-Fall-2014PS- how do you feel about designer sneakers? Are they really worth it?



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