On Your Mark, Get (Jet)set, Go!

Blue Michael Kors Watch

It never seems to matter to me how long my flight is, be it 6 hours or less than 1, any time spent on a commercial flight just automatically seems like a long day. And now, it is hardly after 6 and I am home on my bed, strongly considering getting into it for the night.

Little Red BrunchI had a great long weekend, complete with meeting up with friends, a middle of nowhere brunch adventure, and my first time playing Cards Against Humanity. After all that, I find myself back visiting family, looking out the window at the Rockies as I type this, and overall just being thankful for everything- including the fact that I am no longer suffering from the heat.

Little Red Brunch

A little travel style below to round off my trip. I took this snap this afternoon while I spent a bit of time in the “lovely” Regina airport. At least it was looking half decent when I was there. Sandals: Tory Burch, Bag: Prada, Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Jeans: Rag and Bone, Tim Hortons: Pretzel Bagel with Light Cream Cheese, Light Reading: Vogue and Vogue. Suitcase: from Vegas last year, only a handful made the best one ever.

Airport BloggingEnjoy the rest of your long weekend to all my readers, and I can assure you, this week may bring some exciting material to Talktomyshoes, stay tuned. Xoxo

4 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get (Jet)set, Go!

  1. I love your travel style and your cute suitcase. I didn’t know you like shopping 🙂 Welcome back to the Rockies. Can’t wait to see what you post about this week 🙂

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