Currently Reading…

Totally unrelated to shoes but about something I become just as excited about.

I read, a lot. Every day. We are talking about a crapton of literature and all different types. Each day, I comb through well over a hundred blogs and visit dozens of websites (not just to look at pictures). I read the news, no not watch it, read it. I read articles and journals and poetry and and newspapers and all sorts of other crap. And on top of that, I read books the same way I shop for shoes: on constant impulse and in a sort of out of control manner. I love reading and always have. I remember when I was a little kid, my mom taught me how to read and a monster was unleashed. I try to get my students excited about literacy too, and tell them that there are many different ways to trick yourself into reading. But that is another entire post all together.


Anyway, the other night- in the dead of the night actually, I created a new book list and became too excited to sleep. The next day, my mom and I went to the closest Chapters and I tried to see what I could grab from my list. I’m always looking for new recommendations. So now I ask you, what is your favourite book? What do you recommend to me?



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