Simon Rocha: Pearl Embellished Satin Flats

We are in the height of wedding season and guess what!?!?! I am not going to any (that I know of) this Summer. A bit of a shame as I love love, dressing up, drinking and being the last girl on the dance floor still rocking obnoxious shoes. However, as my brother is engaged to get hitched next year I still find myself combing through all sorts of style posts, blogs, looking at dresses and everything that comes with a wedding. That, and it is just plain fun.

simon rocha pearl embellished satin flat

I found these flats by Simon Rocha quite a while ago and have let them sit around waiting to be made known. I have so many friends that can’t stand a day in heels (or stand in heels never mind undergo a life changing moment in them) so I like to look for options for other people who err…lack my super power. So, for the bride who doesn’t want to gain inches in any way, or, for the girl who just wants to wear pretty flats, the Simon Rocha pearl embellished satin flat might be just the thing.


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