Outfit of the Day: At the Stampede

Howdy from the “Heart of the Golden West”! I mentioned in my previous post that the Calgary Stampede is in full swing and you could expect a post or two of the trouble I’ve been getting into down there. As promised, a few snaps from tonight.

Calgary Stampede Fashion

I took a bit of a different approach to the whole “cowgirl” look tonight as I subbed my usual plaid/floral prints for a lace flowing top and a new pair of black cowboy boots. I made a trip down to Lammle’s the other day and came back with two new additions to the family- the first pictured here and the other soon to make their debut. I’m also rocking my favourite Tory Burch Amanda chain wallet, Tom Ford sunnies and Tory Burch earrings and a cuff.

Lammle's Cowboy Boots

The picture does absolutely no justice to my boots. I haven’t had black cowboy boots since I was a little kid, but I thought I’d share anyway- you get the idea.

Ranahans CalgaryI was so lucky tonight to be invited to the super chic Ranahans for dinner and to watch the chuckwagon races. Great food, great company and the best seats in the Grand Stand for watching the chucks without a doubt. I have to say though, the Grand Stand show was terrible this year. As the daughter of one of the original Young Canadians, and a seasoned performer, I feel like I can get away with that comment. None of it made any sense, there was no flow, and I sat there rather awkwardly as I watched my first male pole dancer and a mild electrocution act. Confusion.

chuckwagon calgary stampede

If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably have figured out by now that a great deal of each of my summers revolves around rodeos. Something about 32 horses racing around a track pulling a bunch of cowboys makes me grin ear to ear.

GMC Denali silver

Also, this truck. GMC Denali, with an irresistibly ridiculous finish. Of course I’m drawn to it because it is shiny. There, I said it.


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: At the Stampede

  1. Those boots rock! Definitely a “must have” for these ten days but I know you’ll rock them all year long. I heard the same thing about the grandstand show. A bit of letdown after the thrilling chuck.

    Wow, that is one chromed truck!

    • Thanks Brian! I have to share a pic of my other pair still (yes, another pair of cowboy boots…!)
      I also heard that the Grandstand show changed a few times over the course of the week. Not sure if it was for better or worse. Oh well. Hopefully the new director will get some feedback and we can improve for next year.

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