Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin Reinterpret Louis Vuitton’s Monogram

Straight from the Citizens of Fashion:

christian louboutin louis vuitton


Karl Lagerfeld but also Christian Louboutin and Rei Kawakubo … 6 designers and artists will revolutionize the famous Louis Vuitton Monogram for next October. On the occasion of the Icône et iconoclastes, Louis Vuitton creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière and Vuitton executive vice president, Delphine Arnault decided to appeal to six personalities to revisit the Monogram for the 160th anniversary of the iconic French brand.

From Stephen Sprouse to Richard Prince through Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, many artists have reinterpreted the famous Monogram. But this time, it is not to reclaim the legendary logo. The selected artists were asked to imagine a bag or luggage, and had carte blanche. “We wanted to appeal to people who work with boldness, with both their minds and their hands. I found it fascinating – and fun! To meet and see their different perspectives on the Monogram, “said Delphine Arnault adding “The monogram is the symbol of luxury, a symbol of Louis Vuitton. It’s the son of Louis Vuitton, Georges, who created it in 1896. It’s instantly recognizable and it’s really the essence of our house,”

The collection will includes bags designed by the fashion master Karl Lagerfeld, the master seduction Christian Louboutin, the iconoclastic photographer Cindy Sherman, the great architect Frank Gehry, industrial designer Marc Newson, and anti-conformist designer Rei Kawakubo. Each bag or luggage will be fed their discipline, their experience and their imagination. The collaborative items are to retail from about 2,000 to 4,000 euros ( $2,725 to $5,450 ).


Karl Lagerfeld Louis Vuitton



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