Girl Talk

Before I moved last summer I would meet with my best friend nearly every Saturday or Sunday morning at one of the Starbucks in downtown Ottawa. We’d spend a good hour or two just sitting there chatting and catching up. We’d talk about everything in life: from our worst jobs to our favourite Mac eyeshadows. We’d talk about our hair dressers, job hunting, family, travel and how everything would just fall right into place one day. It was like in Sex and the City how Carrie and her girls had their weekly brunch; only it was coffee and there were two of us, and both of us were much more headstrong and way less superficial.

sophia webster girl talk

Anyway, as we predicted, that “one day” came where everything fell into place and life pushed the both of us along. I miss those weekend coffee rants and I miss seeing my best friend, who I still consider a sister, all the time. I also missed scoring these Sophia Webster pumps in a sale which I think sums up Erin and I to a tee.

sophia webster girl talk



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