Socks… and Sandals

While I would never have the balls to even consider doing this, I have to admit how much I admire how these sandals compliment *gasp* all these socks. Perhaps it is the art found on the sock itself, or maybe just the fact that I love quirky fashion statements. The satire presented in creating art through fashion has been taken to the next level and I just can’t help but share.

Da Vinci Dries van Norten

Da Vinci and Dries van Norten

Edouard Munch Celine

Edouard Munch and Celine

Frida Kahlo Ancient Greek

Frida Kahlo and Ancient Greek

Henri Matisse Dries van Norten

Henri Matisse and Dries van Norten

Paul Gauguin Jenny Kayne

Paul Gauguin and Jenny Kanye

Van-Gogh Maryann Nassir Zadeh

Van Gogh and Maryann Nassir Zadeh

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