Christian Louboutin PreFall 2014

Christian-Louboutin-Allenissima-130-Kid-Black Christian-Louboutin-Aztec-120-Guache-Satin-Version-MultiAfter my little jaunt south two weeks ago I find myself  returning with changed opinions of everyones beloved Louboutin brand. While I know in my heart that I will be always be a Choo girl, and plan on wearing my Manolos “till death do us part”, I feel like I could, somewhere somehow fit CL further into my personal shoe repertoire.

Christian-Louboutin-Franca-85-Suede-Eclipse Christian-Louboutin-Ostri-Sling-120-Suede-Version-EclipseYou see, as I’ve said before many times, it isn’t that I don’t like the shoes, as I generally do, I just don’t find necessary the message that a shoe like Daffodile sends out (along with a few other designs). OK, sure, more is more, however only to an extent. I prefer more being more in the craftsmanship department, or subtleties in design and detail; a well thought out shoe that lends to ones outfit and brings out a person’s confidence- not mask their insecurities. Perhaps part of the issue for me is that I automatically link beautiful shoes like Louboutins to Kardashian-type characters.

Christian-Louboutin-Pensamoi-120-Satin-Black-Turquin Christian-Louboutin-Pigalle-Follies-120-Maxi-FioriThis being said, I quite enjoyed slipping on a couple pairs of Louboutins on my trip and find myself admiring the line that is next to come out. While remaining true to the Christian Louboutin name, I find this collection more my style.



3 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin PreFall 2014

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of Louboutin’s basics (as I call them), the Simple pump being my hands down favorite. I can run around for 8 hours and my feet aren’t even slightly sore!!! And they don’t pinch anywhere.

    ❤ Jules

  2. Those shoes are beautiful! I love my CL’s they are definitely the most comfortable heels I own but I don’t love all all of them especially the ones with the huge platform…..

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