OOTD: While in AZ

OK- So this isn’t really an OOTD but more so an OOLW (last week). Once upon a time on a hot sunny day in Arizona, I goofed around in my dad’s observatory dome, taking both time and pictures.

talktomyshoes 10153846_10100788214953926_71297473876250482_n

To think that my tan is nearly gone…

Sunnies: Tom Ford. Bracelets: J.Crew. Watch: Michael Kors. Dress: Forever XXI


2 thoughts on “OOTD: While in AZ

  1. Sooo cute!! What kind of observatory done? To watch the stars?! How a awesome is that?! My kids’ school has one, and they have open observation nights, the kids LOVE to go up there. (I think maybe I need to take them, I always send my husband!)

    Cute sunglasses!

    ❤ Jules

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