Nine West- Arizona Haul

Although I am not generally a discount shopper (why this is, I have no idea) I do admit that I always enjoy a little trip to Arizona Mills when I am visiting my southern neighbours. So, last week while on vacation, I made a trip out to the Nine West outlet store in Tempe.


I used to love shopping at Nine West. I only say used to because I live nowhere close to one now, which in reality is probably for the best because whenever I go to one, I always tend to go berserk trying everything on. The real truth is I love shopping there. A huge portion of my shoe collection is there. Comfortable and fair priced shoes, I have trouble saying no to.

To nobodies surprise, when I made a trip to the outlet last week, I was having trouble containing my excitement. The salesgirl even told me “You must be Canadian.” When I asked why she told me “Well you have an accent and you are REALLY excited to be in an outlet mall.” Well then.

Back to the important stuff, I was finding shoes- Boutique 9, that I knew the regular price was NOWHERE near what was marked. All these shoes for so little, and in perfect condition. It would have been silly for me to say no.

But now the question remains, which will I wear first?


6 thoughts on “Nine West- Arizona Haul

  1. Oh I miss Nine West now… Funny that you have an accent as a Canadian, I always thought it was the other way around. I would start with the pink ones!
    xo (from someone who isn’t a discount shopper either)

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