Oh the shameless selfie… As I was awkwardly approached last week at work for a picture for the yearbook I felt myself tumble into some sort of awful pit of dread knowing that I would never approve of the picture to be snapped. Kind of funny for a girl who enjoys a good picture of herself (no shame here…). The thing is, I like being the one taking that picture, I like being in charge. I like knowing that I can sit or stand there until I get it right. The only other person I feel comfortable enough to get to snap a picture of me is my dad.

Needless to say, I approached my coworker in a frenzy worrying about them using that terrible picture (that I never even saw). She simply replied jokingly “Well why don’t you send me a selfie then.” Joke or not, I am taking her up on it.

This is what I came up with:


Anyway, I thought I’d turn this into a bit of a beauty post… So,


Eyeshadow: Mac (Malt & Vanilla) Eyeliner: Marc Jacobs Mascara: Marc Jacobs.

Eyebrows: Mac (Tempting Eyeshadow) and Marc Jacobs brow gel.


Foundation: Lancome. Concealer: Marc Jacobs. Loose Powder: Mac Mineralize Powder

Bronzer: Okay. My bronzer is actually a mineralize blush from Mac in a dark tawny shade. But it works for me.

Blush: Mac mineralize

Lips: Yves Saint Laurent Sheer Candy in Succulent Pomegranate (new favourite lip product OF ALL TIME!)


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