Lets Talk About… T-shirts

As much as I enjoy dressing up in feminine flowing tops and dresses, I love the look of jeans, and a t-shirt with a blazer and heels. This is one of my work uniforms that I go to when I’m feeling particularly relaxed (like today!) where I look fairly casual but just dressed well enough so nobody can say anything. I push boundaries all the time with my work uniform, and these two t-shirts have already made their appearance in the classroom.

Cat in Glasses ShirtI think this is one of the silliest tops I own. I grabbed this on my holiday in Arizona a few weeks ago and pretty much love it. My favourite part? The random outerspace-print 3/4 sleeves. I wore this with a pair of Valentino shoes last week and as casual as I looked, nobody dared say anything because well… nobody else was in Valentino. Winning.

Teach for America J.CrewI also grabbed this shirt from J.Crew on my trip, and this one is pretty close to my heart. Teach for America is a non-profit organisation that sends certified teachers into urban and rural schools with the goal of increasing literacy rankings. They also raise awareness of the need of strong literacy programs in schools. The end goal is to increase the number of graduates in highschools as well as the number that go on to attain a secondary education.  The money raised from these t-shirts go to the foundation. So, yay! On that note… back to report card writing!




One thought on “Lets Talk About… T-shirts

  1. There are t-shirts and then there are “T”-shirts. They are meant to be relaxed fitting and relaxed feeling but these also have pizas and meaning. I LOVE them and I’m sure you rock them.

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