Missing the Sun

talktomyshoesThere is a difference between wearing pink lips and new Jimmy Choo sunglasses when it is +30 and -50. The latter, doesn’t quite feel as good because your lipgloss ACTUALLY FREEZES.  Also, lip pencils are my new lipstick. The colour lasts so much longer and it is so much more precise than the lipstick that would have melted in my purse last week. Wearing: Mac Shock Value Pro Lip Pencil with Sheen Supreme Lipglass tint in Bubble Gum.



4 thoughts on “Missing the Sun

  1. Awesome colour lips and great sun glasses. Of course it’s you that makes these look great. Let’s hope for some AZ’ish weather here. (soon) 😊

    • Thanks Brian! It is warming up here tomorrow (the forecast says -15. I suppose it is a little wrong that I am thinking that that is warm) and I am really hoping that this is the last cold snap for the year. Hope you’re staying warm!

      • Haha, I can’t wait till it warms up to -15 ❄️ Thanks, I am staying warm by not leaving the house today. Sadly that means I cancelled my appointment at the TB boutique. 😞. Not to worry, I did contact the girls and they have the 2″ silver buckled belt sitting at the boutique for me to pickup later this week.

        Hope you are staying warm too ⛄️

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