Arizona Photo Diary: February 2014

I spent the entirety of last week sunbathing, running, shopping, and soaking up all the goodness a holiday to my favourite state can offer. Now that I am back up north stuck in the -43 (I really wish I was kidding) weather, I find myself counting the days down until Easter when I can head back south for another welcoming dose of heat exhaustion and mild sunburns.

So what exactly was I up to? Check it out:

Fountain Hills BackyardA view of part of the back yard. The hummingbirds were so cute to watch, coming right up to me at the bird bath and cooling off from the head of the day. When I was home, I spent 90% of the time on a chez lounge enjoying the sunshine. I hadn’t been outside that much for that long since last summer.

talktomyshoesDad and I watched videos of puppies and took an abnormal amount of selfies this trip. Also, yes, I wear my sunglasses inside if they work with my outfit.

Tempe Amazon CafeI spent an afternoon shopping in Tempe where my life flashed before my eyes. No, not necessarily because of this alligator attack, but because of all the sketchy people at the outlet mall. Thank goodness I was able to seek refuge in H&M!

Fountain Hills ArizonaOne afternoon I forced myself to skip my nap and went for a hike instead. I climbed to what could have been the top of the world, but I knew better. Still, it was a crazy climb and the view at the top was certainly worth it.

More to come from the trip- I’m saving the rest for another couple posts.

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One thought on “Arizona Photo Diary: February 2014

  1. Yes sometimes I’d rather face the croc then some of the patrons at AZ Mills. Remember that warmth from standing beside your Dad and being in AZ, we’re going to need it this upcoming week. Burrrrr❄️

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