Manolo Blahnik NYFW

New York Fashion Week has come and gone. The biggest thing that caught my eye? The shoes. Obviously. Manolo Blahnik changed things up and had his own presentation last week for his new collection. I’m sorry to say that I love every bit of it and need to start saving my money for its entirety right NOW. 

Manolo Blahnik 2014 Manolo-Blahnik-2 Manolo-Blahnik-3 Manolo-Blahnik-4 Manolo-Blahnik-6 Manolo-Blahnik-9 Manolo-Blahnik-10 Manolo-Blahnik-11 Manolo-Blahnik-12 Manolo-Blahnik-15 Manolo-Blahnik-19 Manolo-Blahnik-25 Manolo-Blahnik-27 Manolo-Blahnik-28Pictures courtesy of shoeblog.



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