(Post) Birthday Bliss

I thought I should make up for that previous post right away. I actually snapped this picture a few weeks ago while I was still in Calgary over the holidays. I usually get an early birthday present from my folks each year since I moved out, so I wanted to share part of my gift.

Michael Kors Selma InstagramMy birthday was 11 days ago and with all the craziness and busy schedules that is known as my life, I can’t believe that it is not until now that I am posting this picture. For my __th birthay I picked out this large Selma tote from Michael Kors. I absolutely am loving it. It might amaze you as much as it amazed me that up until a couple weeks ago, I did not own a medium/large black purse. Small: yes, crossbody: yes, clutches: yes yes yes. Regular size purse that is perfect for work: no. I love the sturdy and easy to clean leather of the bag and strong hardware. And the shape- so spacious! When Michael first released these I immediately reminisced about the Celine bag that is so unbelievably popular.

As for the boots? I scored them at Arnold Churgin in a huge sale just after Christmas. They are unbelievably comfortable. Happy belated birthday to me! (now wait till you see what I ordered online as my gift to myself…!)




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