Shoe Comparison: Tory Burch/Michael Kors

You know that you love your job when you are absolutely heartbroken that you have to take a sick day. But as I lay here on my couch, rocking the apple sauce and cracker diet, I try and make the best of my unwelcome day off (what is wrong with me? workaholic? or my students are just that awesome) with a little bit of extra blogging.

What I wanted to be doing was going about my day as usual while wearing my newest favourite pair of MK flats. (pictured right)

michael kors tory burchThe Michael Kors Dixie cap-toe flats bear a striking resemblance to my patent Tory Burch Eddie flats at first glance. For those of you unable to decipher which pair is right for you, this is the break down:
The MK flats are only patent at the toes, the rest of the shoe a nice soft leather. Rock a cute bow with a round medallion MK logo. Fits true to size and the rise at the back is relatively average. I find these super comfy, I can wear them all day, no complaints.
The TB flats are patent all round with the brands logo in the middle of the bow. There is an elastic round the edge of the shoe that keeps the shoe snuggly on your foot. Because of this, most people buy the shoe in a half size up. In all honesty, occasionally I find the elastic a little tight on the back of my heel because of the shape of my foot but I still wear these all the time. TB uses memory foam in the bed of these shoes for extra comfiness which is an added bonus.
So, which pair is right for you? Both are meant for me.

2 thoughts on “Shoe Comparison: Tory Burch/Michael Kors

  1. I LOVE both pairs. I only have the TB’s in a patent sand colour. I don’t have the MK’s (yet 🙂 I’d say both pairs for me. Hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back to your awesome students

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