Back At It

ballet soft slippers instagramI’m back at it again. I’m not entirely sure if I ever mentioned that I grew up dancing but if not I’ll say it now. It wasn’t just extracurricular for me, it was life- or a huge chunk of it. I was at the studio in class nearly every evening each week, constantly moving, stretching and embracing all the rhythm and movement I could endure. I loved it.

Although I have been dancing on and off all my life, two weeks ago I started up with ballet again. I might not be dancing Swan Lake any time soon but the feeling I get from spinning and leaping across the room is still very much the same. The other thing that remains the same? I’m still very much a hip hop dancer and my ballet teacher knows it.



One thought on “Back At It

  1. I LOVE this post. You are doing something I wish I would have done as a kid. I wanted to try ballet. Instead it was ball hockey, ice hockey, baseball and soccer. (all of which I love) We share a love for shoes but I am living vicariously through you for my love of ballet.

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