Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Day 23

This final post before Christmas Eve is more inspired by personal wishes but seeing as I have great taste, I suppose I should just recommend it to everyone.

Michael-Kors-Miranda-Large-Multi-Studded-Tote-2Once upon a time, a long time ago, I fell in love with Michael Kors. It started with a small purple and gold wristlet and then a pair of shoes was added to the equation. Before anyone knew it, like rolling thunder, MK fever took over my accessories closet. With enough bags and pairs of shoes to solve the problems in Africa I step back and am proud of my achievements. Yet I pause and wonder, as it is all light in colour and bright. Where is the black? Why do I not have a mid-large size bag? How the heck have I ended up with 5 pink Michael Kors purses and three obnoxiously bright yellow ones yet no dark greys or black?

In order to restore balance to life (or the closet shelves in my home as I know it) I have been making a point to ogle things that I actually need. This Miranda large studded tote may be something along the lines needed to rescue myself from my own first world problems.



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