Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Day 19, 20 and 21

Gifts for the hostess.

TB_41137268_705 TB_41137308_705I find that it is always the little things that make a home a bit more cosy. Tory Burch quite recently released her home line, inspired by her parents and childhood house. The designer as always has found a new way of stamping her signature T’s onto various hosting items and has redone the standards into something completely chic and elegant. A nutcracker? A corkscrew? Yes, these are included in her line, available online and at select boutiques.

Cire Trudon MelchiorWhile everyone else is losing their mind over Diptyque candles, I still am loving Cire Trudon. This limited edition Melchoir candle is enveloped in golf leaf and portrays the scents of “precious adoration to the divine child”. Meaning the Magi’s gift of myrrh, not manger scented. If this wax provider is good enough for Versailles and Louis the XV, then I am sure it is more than acceptable for your jingle-hop, ugly sweater, or turkey dinner hostess.

Adreinne Landau Jaguar Print Fur throwKanye West once tweeted that “Fur pillows… are actually hard to sleep on” however, fur throws are a completely different story. Adreinne Landau has created numerous throws, this leopard print fur being my favourite. If you have an extra grand on you, I’d say that this is a pretty stellar way to make having a nappy-pooh that much more luxurious.


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