Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Day 18

Jax and Bones 2

While I was heartbroken to come home to a puppy-less house and still feel rather empty over the loss of my very best friend. However, it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying numerous cute videos on youtube and appreciating the cuteness of what I am about to share.  Jax and Bones 3

Christmas shopping is never complete for me unless I have covered everyone, dog included. You see, I love to give. I think that shopping for others is great because I get to watch that person’s reaction- hopefully a good one- as they open up their gift. Giving is one of those things that just feels good, I love seeing others excited for something new and Casey would always be the most excited over a gift- especially at Christmas. So for those of you who can’t decide what the perfect gift for puppy is, perhaps check out these toys by Jax and Bone. Imagine giving the gift of a squirrel that a furry little friend could catch over and over and over…
Jax and Bones


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