Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Day 16 & 17

12041624_922921_EDCome and trim my Christmas tree… with some decorations bought at Tiffany’s. Or you know, come and bring me a set of bangles from the Schlumberger collection.


The last few days at work took total control over my life plus add in a lack of sleep, a plane flight, two days of Christmas shopping and a sore throat and you’ll know what I’ve been up to. However I am here in front of the fire place in Calgary, the sun hasn’t even woken up yet, and I am ready to catch up on the gift guide. The theme for day 17 and 18 is jewelry. Pictured above are some of my favourite bracelets and bangles from the Schlumberger collection at Tiffany’s. Jean Schlumberger started to design for Tiffany’s in the mid 1950’s and ever since his creations have been a staple to the company.

Tiffany Schlumberger

Part two of this post entails a collection by Dior. I know that zodiac signs and embracing that crap has been trending a lot lately. I’ve never been really interested in or believed that type of thing (apparently as a “Capricorn” I am too much of a straight shooter to pay attention to it anyway. Whatever)  so I didn’t really jump on the band wagon or go nuts with everyone else when styling goatfishes and twins from the sky became a thing but I actually do really love these  necklaces. I think they are cute.  Mad props to Dior for making me bend my rules all over again.





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