Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Day 6

TB_32138320_022_CI think slippers are often overlooked as such a great gift. Think about it: they’re easy to size and come in all sorts of (unexpected) forms. Personally I have gone through more pairs of slippers to shake a stick at and they are all generally a little goofy- Sponge Bob, Winnie the Pooh, lobsters, many many sets of moo cows, Spiderman, you name it. I’m even rocking a pair of fluffy ducky slippers as I type this. The pair featured above, from one of my favourite designers ever, Tory Burch (if you are a regular here at Talk To My Shoes, you know that I have an unreasonable love for TB) are perhaps one of my most favourite pairs of slippers in the history of,  well, me. I picked these up only a few months ago and have honestly worn the crap out of them. We’re talking to the point that some of the seams are frayed and the fuzziness is worn at the heels. I wear them double as a regular smoking slipper flat. Heck, I even drove across the country in these slippers, stopping at every Tim Hortons along the way. This slippers. They win. Happy happy love love.

Sorry I am lacking in quality writing right now but I need to stop so I can go switch from ducky slippers to my favourite TB ones… Cheers!



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