Winter is Here

Alright, it is time for an honest discussion. Let’s talk about winter.

I’m not talking about a couple centimetres of snow on the ground for a week and then it is gone, and I’m not talking about “Omg it is so cold I’ll have to wear a scarf with my leather jacket.” No. That is not winter at all. I’m here to discuss the -38C weather I survived through the night before last and the 3 day blizzard that went on as I carried about my own business.

Snow in the backyardI’m going to admit that I’m guilty of not always dressing weather appropriate footwear-wise in the winter. I have a pair of Uggs that are warm enough to watch a hockey game in or last while I pick up groceries but are certainly not waterproof and I have a super cute pair of mid calf height moccasins that I’ve been wearing quite a bit but have a cruddy tread so I find myself sliding everywhere I go.  Often I’ll wear a pair of riding boots or fall boots regardless of the weather.

However, when the weather gets ultra crappy and cold this is what I turn to:

Ugg Adriondack TallThese are real winter boots. My tall Adriondack boots by Ugg Australia I can say are pretty legit. The shearling lining keeps my toes warm and dry and they come up high enough and fit tight enough around my legs that I don’t get snow in my boots when I’m mid snowball fight or trudging through a white out.  I’m going to admit that I wish they were a tiny but cuter but they work with the right clothes and I like them more and more with each use. I wear them with the tops both pulled up and down in my attempt to vary its look. Paired with my Canada Goose coat, I’m pretty bundley warm.


2 thoughts on “Winter is Here

  1. Ok! This is why I take vacations to the South, BUT. It’s cold here too. As much as I don’t want to think about that kind of cold weather (that picture gives me goose bumps) while on vacation here’s the true facts. When it’s cold in AZ people always say, “oh you’re from Canada, you should be accustom to the cold.” But here’s the thing, I HATE being cold, I’ll take being hot anytime. YES I am accustom to spending several months in the cold but I don’t like it. Here’s the thing, I know how to dress for it. There are some amazing thermal piece of clothing you can buy to keep you warm. And these boots you featured are included. Snugly warm and maybe a bit of a fashion challenge but you know how to rock them. Lots of people never experience these kinds of temperatures but for those of us that do….we are the fashion minded hearty Northerners. Stay warm and fashionable.

  2. Those boots are beautiful! I actually just bought a similar pair from North Face because I’m about to experience my first winter in a very long time….. Yup those, “oh it’s zero degrees, I’m so cold, poor me” winters of Vancouver are behind me now. I’ve forgotten what great ‘real’ winter fashions look like!

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