Dolce and Gabbana Design Claridge’s Christmas Tree

dolce and gabbana treeTis the season…. to be -28 outside. The only thing at this point that can really warm us up up here is the thought of the holidays to come. My readers that have followed Talk to My Shoes for a while know that I love Christmas. It all starts in *hides* October for me when I allow myself to start listening to Christmas carols… by mid November I decorate and it is all down hill after that. Now that my home is fully decorated and I have lost the feeling in my toes for the first of many times this winter to come, I think I can post this without hesitation.

dolce and gabbana treeFor the third year in the row, Claridges has hired a designer to design and decorate a Christmas tree. This year, favoured Italian designer Dolce and Gabbana were given the honour and did not disappoint. The tree and all its decorations were sent in from Italy. The tree top, instead of an angel or star, holds elaborate brass work. With everything from handcrafted ornaments to puppets and a tapestry of its own, D&G truly captured the Italian spirit in their design.

dolce and gabbana tree


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