If I Were a Boy…

5a6c260ec21c732acaf9c71cc810c1b2I’m pretty certain that if I were a boy I would be quite the sartorialist. I’m talking like Ed Westwick’s character, Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. I love mens clothing, especially their dresswear. I’d suit up all the time, rock pastel coloured bow ties and suspenders and matching socks. So often I see things when I’m shopping for my dad or brother and wish I could buy it and find a way to make it a bit more feminine. Unfortunately, women wearing mens wear is a different sort of statement than men wearing mens wear.

Francesina BroguesAnyway, when my parents and I were in Las Vegas last April we made a stop during one of our shopping days at Tods. I’m not going to start ranting about how great Tods driver shoes are because we all know that. The company started it all. I’m here to share something I’ve never done before on Talk To My Shoes- mention these Francesina Brogues from the mens collection. I love the sleekness and craftsmanship. I love the detail. The only thing I don’t like? That I am not a dapper businessman able to run around the city  in them.

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