Charlotte Olympia X Archie Comics

Here it is, as promised: the Charlotte Olympia and Archie Comics collaboration for C.O. Resort 2014. I think the Dolly pumps redone might be my favourite of the bunch.

Ps- Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-5 charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-6

“Betty, do you think short skirts make girls look taller?” “No!… But they make them look longer” LOVE
charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-7 charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-11 charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-12 charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-13Also available in the most perfect royal blue.
charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-15 charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-16Looks like Dolly has been redone.
charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014-18 charlotte-olympia-archie-comics-resort-2014


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