Nicholas Kirkwood: Spring Summer 2014


Nicholas Kirkwood has taken some of his designs down a platform (for the better in my opinion) in his Spring Summer 2014 collection. Despite the change in height that is so popular as fashion experiences a single sole resolution, Kirkwood’s collection remains to be everything I would expect it to be.


The British designer continued to opt for his signature bright colours, and shapes in a collection released that is very much his own. Photographs courtesy of Citizens of Fashion.


nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-201 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-81 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-101 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-110 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-111 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-121 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-131 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-141 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-151 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-162 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-171 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-181 nicholas-kirkwood-springsummer-2014-collection-191

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