Fall Prints: Jimmy Choo & Tabitha Simmons

Happy Friday everyone! I’m excited to take my Jimmy Choo Dylan biker boots out for this evening to experience the new diggs finest dining. I’m thinking it will be a toss up between buffalo burgers or a bucket full of straight up wheat. Kidding. But really it will be umm… an experience and I am quite excited.

Jimmy Choo

When I was in NYC in August (ugh I miss it there!) at the J. Choo boutique on Madison, I spent most of my time in the shop looking at boots. I knew I was there for the Dylan boots but these leopard print ones also caught my eye. Perhaps if I had an extra grand to blow I would have picked them up too. I adore the mix of smoky animal print and leather, I think these are a perfect statement boot, owning a little bit of everything without being completely over the top.

Tabitha Simmons

For a great alternative, I’d have to say these Tabitha Simmons boots are a bit more wild but similar enough in concept to work with the same outfits. Pictures courtesy of Vogue.com


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