I Need Dis: Brian Atwood SS’14

brian-atwood-springsummer-2014-collectionIn total contrast from the latest Manolo Blahnik collection I posted on Friday, I thought we’d have a bit of a lazy Sunday together, checking out a few of my favourite looks from the Brian Atwood Spring Summer ’14 collection.


The former model continues to design footwear above and beyond common creativity and brings us another collection that is leaving me saying “I need dis” to nearly every piece in sight. So what is it that I need so bad? Well, these puzzle piece shoes for one:


And these perfectly swirly seafoam pumps for another:brian-atwood-springsummer-2014-collectionAnd the few others that caught my eye:

brian-atwood-springsummer-2014 brian-atwood-springsummer-2014-collection-13 brian-atwood-springsummer-2014-collection-16 brian-atwood-springsummer-2014-collection-23Happy Sunday everyone! Relax, smile and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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