Arnold Churgin: Happytimes

Happytimes KHA Arnold ChurginHappytimes. No, not just what I’m calling my newest addition from Arnold Churgin’s but the legit name of the shoe. Happytimes it what it was when I tried them on in the store last month and Happytimes is what it was when I wore them shopping for hockey equipment with E last weekend.

I always thought (along with the rest of the city of Calgary) that Churgin’s makes great shoes. This pair is just another piece of proof to that testament: the heel isn’t too high, the stiletto isn’t too thin, and they fit perfect if you slip on a pair half a size up. The best part? The amazing metallic fade to black (available in a crapton of colours) I was drawn to the olive green (KHA) for some unknown reason. I actually loved it more than the purply/pink fade pair, which says a lot coming from me.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend. What shoes are you taking out?


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