Sergio Rossi SS’14

You can expect over the next couple days the Spring Summer collections from a couple of my favourite footwear designers. To err.. kick things off… for a lack of better words, I want to share a few that caught my eye from the Sergio Rossi collection. As you probably know by now if you’ve visited a few times, I am attracted to anything sparkly or shiny, so these are just an obvious pick for me.


These pumps may be my favourite of his in a long time. I love the choice of colours, especially for a SS collection as they seem a bit less seasonal. If they were to enter my closet I’d probably put these on and prance around my kitchen listening to Stravinsky’s “Firebird”. sergio-rossi-springsummer-2014-collection-12

And for those of you who are much more daring, they’re available in that much more season appropriate blue that won’t seem to go away. sergio-rossi-springsummer-2014-collection-14Overall, the collection is amazeballs and I encourage you to check it out. For me, I love how mythical these pairs are. I think the leaves are cut in a way to wrap around your foot perfectly and paired with the crystal detail and ombre colouring, well the world would be a better place if we all had a pair.



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