Hunting Chic with Michael Kors

In celebration of the complete lack of fashion sense that my new city seems to so proudly hold, Mr. Kors and I embrace the “Lets crush some beers and go hunting” attitude as he turns our inner redneck into something completely chic.


The Audrey buckle pump has all the elements of hunting you need: wicked hardware, proper camo print and colour scheme. And for the heel height? You’re just a little bit taller to peek over that bush you’re hiding behind to get a clearer view of Bambi before you shoot it. Pair with a cute jacket, hoop earrings and an orange hunting hat and you’re good to go.

On another note, Armstrong may have been the first to walk on the moon, but two days ago I was the first to walk into Peavey Mart wearing a pair of spike heels and a little Chanel. What else does one wear while buying power tools?


5 thoughts on “Hunting Chic with Michael Kors

  1. Those are some stunning MK’s. I LOVE how you are able to adapt these amazing pumps into your present day setting. HAHA, I bet that Peavey Mart is still in awe!
    Sounds like you are ROCKING the new surroundings, just remember there’s a completely different civilization a few hours drive away. Glad to see you back on-line, hope you are settled in.

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