I’m so happy that Autumn weather is finally here. I know many of my readers aren’t really into crisp air and bundling up because you have no other choice, but I LOVE it. I may be the only person to ever get bored of sunshine and warm weather.


I’m sitting here having a relaxing Wednesday afternoon, the fireplace is on and I have a mug of hot chai next to me. I slept in a little because last night my Dad dragged me out of bed going on midnight. I pulled a wool Michael Kors coat over my jammies to see what the big deal was outside. What should have been a black sky over the city was an awesome green, dancing around in the night. The northern lights were vibrant and took up half the sky. In that moment I really missed Casey- not that a colourblind puppy could see such a thing but he would have enjoyed us being out there bundled up and looking at the sky together.

Picture: On my way to YYCFW. The lovely Olivia did my makeup! Eyes and lips: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Everything else: MAC. Scarf: Alexander McQueen


2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. OMG Jen, I’m soooo glad I wasn’t the only one who saw them. As I was driving to work last night up the airport service road it was pitch black except for the Northern sky. It was dancing with life. This was at 11:00 pm. I’ll be looking again to night. Really a sight to see. Hope you had a good sleep after all.

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