Jimmy Choo: SS’13 Brook

In all honestly I feel mostly done with wearing sandals for the year. I still have the two or three pairs out that survived the moving truck cut, but I have slowly let them sit on the shelf and look pretty over the past few weeks.

So while I’m cleaning up what I can of my shoe collection (I mean the few dozen pairs that I have here in Calgary) I am cleaning up my desktop as well, and am trying to “put away” images and articles that I meant to post on Talk to My Shoes much much earlier. It is nearly embarrassing to say exactly how long I’ve had these Brook leather sandals sitting in the corner of my desktop, but regardless of that time, I still admire them just as much as I did ___ weeks (oh god, months?) ago.

P00064737-BROOK-LEATHER-STRAP-WEDGES-STANDARDI think I love black and gold regardless of the season. I think I love wedges year round too. I like the contrast of texture- the pebbled leather against the smooth metallic straps. I also like that despite a very well thought out design, there isn’t much going on except for a two-tone strappy, slightly wedged sandal. I wonder if they’d look like a very magestic, roman bumblebee on your feet?



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