Casey Allan Hemstock March 23, 2003- September 13, 2013

For anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Casey, has had a pet, or simply loved an animal:

40811_727433591306_563271_nI heard somewhere that we all have a purpose, a mission, and a meaning in life, and when that mission is complete, God takes us away and gives us a hug.

I can’t say that I know my purpose of being on this Earth, but yesterday morning I came to understand my dog Casey’s.

Casey’s life was a lesson of love.

306654_10100265970525946_625149363_nIf I could not forgive her, then he (Casey) would have taught me nothing in his life. Instead, I embraced the vet and forgave. I forgave the human error that took my best friend’s life, and forgave them for the pain and suffering that had occurred and that is to come. I’ve been asked by a few people, “What about justice?” My justice is that strength, compassion and an open heart will prevail through my actions. That it will beat any grudge or negativity and set us free. Life is a gift and living any other way is a waste.

127_540859831616_5314_nCasey Allan Hemstock was born on March 23rd, 2003 in Saskatchewan, Canada. We were lucky enough to have him choose us to come into his life and not the other way around. When I was only 14 years old, my Dad came home with a puppy and I didn’t believe him that he was mine. I stayed home that night petting him as the little guy slept, telling him that I loved him so much and would always be there for him no matter what. I kept my word every day for over 10 years.

1069843_10100528860322686_460901123_nAs we grew up together he managed to fill my life with the happiest memories: he tricked my Mom into thinking he had to go outside while he sneaked back to the kitchen and ate her cereal before she knew what happened. He played tug of war with my Grandpa when he was trying to sweep the deck at the cabin. Casey listened to me practice piano for a lot of my life, sometimes he was the only one who would patiently listen, lying underneath the piano at the pedals and encouragingly lick at my ankles. He had no shame in asking for belly rubs, even from E upon their first encounter. Casey laughed in the face of danger when we would go on a walk, he would pee right in front of the big German Shepherds barking on the other side of the fence stating that “This part of the fence belongs to me!”. He also hid behind me when a yippy Pomeranian named Wakeford came outside to say hello a couple weeks ago.

542255_10100582479409606_1607100235_nCasey was this dog that made the best of every moment. Remember when I was in Arizona last March trying to blog my new Michael Kors gear when he decided he needed to be part of the photo shoot? He humped his pillow the entire time I watched Silence of the Lambs for the first time to make it seem way less scary. He would wake up every morning at the crack of dawn and yelp until he could come upstairs to start his day-which, of course was going to be the best day ever.

Casey, if he could scream from the rooftops would say: Life is for living! Even when your squeaky breaks!

127_540859796686_3187_nCasey also holds the record for breaking 12 squeakies in a little stuffed duck, in about 15 minutes. He was an out of control child at Christmas, opening everyone’s presents for them (sharing is caring I suppose), and a permanent two year old who needed nothing but love and the occasional break to pee outside.



Casey quickly became more to my family than just a “dog”. I always referred to him as my little brother, my very best friend, or even sometimes the love of my life. Casey was a huge chunk of my world and an important part of my family. Often it felt like he had human emotion and intuition. He could read me like a book and would know when I got home from school if I needed some company or whenever I was sick, or even when things were just going really well. Casey always knew and seemed to just get it. For anyone who has ever had a pet, I’m sure you understand how this works, that a furry, nonverbal, four-legged creature can make your world go round.

Casey died yesterday morning, September 13th at 11:45 due to sudden medical complications. He was surrounded by his family and lots of love, and even his favourite toy- a stuffed Wookie that I got him for Christmas.


I’m going to miss hearing his little paws scamper across the floor and his snuggles when we watch TV or have a nap. I know Casey isn’t gone and will forever be in our hearts. His spirit is with me now as we continue to “make it through life together” just like I always knew we would.


12 thoughts on “Casey Allan Hemstock March 23, 2003- September 13, 2013

  1. Such a boy he was. I remember him licking Chris’s head like it was an important job that needed doing well. A life well lived

  2. Jen,
    I am so sorry to hear of this tremendous loss! I felt like Casey was a brother to Lexi in our year together! I know he meant the world to you!

  3. Hey Jenny, We were so sorry to hear about Casey. I had such fun with him last winter in Arizona. Who is going to lick your Dad’s head now? Casey was an intrepid dog, indeed!!

    Miss you guys, Roy and Betty

    • Hi there, we are still facing the huge dilemma of who will take over the job of licking my Dad’s head. I don’t think we can find anyone who will be able to complete such a task with as much mastery as Casey did.
      We miss you too!!


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