Beauty Blogging: Fall ’13

Well here is a rare occasion for you: a little bit of what I’ve been using cosmetic-wise over the last couple weeks. Sure as the weather transitions into Autumn we all change our beauty routine. Some of what I’m sharing has been introduced due to the new season and others, well I just love them too much trade off for something else every couple months.

By far not an exhaustive list, but certainly a few of my favourites, here we go:

2013-09-09 16.38.51As a blonde my hair is exposed to all sorts of stress and it takes its toll. Although I’m a fan of Bumble and Bumble, Morrocan Oil and Bed Head products, I made the switch a few weeks ago to Ojon shampoo and conditioner. My hair isn’t necessarily damaged but I use their recovery products as a preventative measure. Generally I look for products with protein in it. My Living Proof deep conditioning hair mask leaves my hair smelling delicious and feeling soft, the AG repair serum I use before I blow dry. Sometimes I use it on dry hair on the ends for an extra kick.

2013-09-09 16.36.29This summer I made a point of exploring makeup beyond MAC and Lancome- my two favourites. I discovered my new go-to mascara by YSL and have experimented with different primers. The Urban Decay eye primer seems to be a good match for my MAC eyeshadows (loving that gold palette. Gold and bronze looks for eyeshadow are my favourite) and the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer feels like silk. I’m not sure how I feel about using a silicone based primer but I’ll certainly be using up the rest of the tube. Your thoughts and recommendations for primer?

Marc Jacobs relased his long-awaited cosmetics line at the end of the summer and I am obsessed. Above, my two lip glosses from the line smell terrific, feel terrific and at a punch of colour that is easy to build up if needed.

2013-09-09 16.37.37Like my shoe collection, most of my nail polish collection was packed up for this big move. I saved a few bottles that I brought to Calgary for the summer but also picked up a few bottles over the last few weeks. I’ve always liked polish from Nails Inc, so when I saw the leather effects polish in Sephora last July, I have to say I was rather intrigued. It is a fun polish for the right outfit but I found it chips easily (no top coat to keep the “leather” feeling of the nail). Dior polish I don’t have to say a whole lot about- it is wonderful as expected. The Marc Jacobs polish are the newest to the colleciton. I currently have that dark blue on my fingers as they dance across the keyboard. The polishes are some of the best I own- they are opaque within a layer or two, paint on smooth and dry relatively quickly. Definitely worth the investment.

What beauty products can you not live without? What products are you using as the season changes? What are you looking to find or have you found your perfect products? Let me know in the comments section, I’d be so interested to hear from you!

Thanks again for reading!





4 thoughts on “Beauty Blogging: Fall ’13

    • More posts???? Sure, what do you want to hear more about?
      Living Proof is awesome, I also use a targeted repair cream before/after blow drying. I find that it is super soft and weightless on my hair. I absolutely love it. The mask treatment I have in the picture is great too- very effective. I think Living Proof is one of my new favourite hair lines- it is so nice to find creamy products that are light and not sticky!!!
      I don’t think I have heard of Oribe- where can I check it out?
      Thanks for stopping by, I always look forward to your visits!

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