These Boots

Muddy BootsWe all have our favourite pairs of jeans, socks, purses, shoes, whatever, in life. Despite owning enough pairs of boots to provide for a small village alone, this pair here is one of my favourites. I had thought about it before but last night I think I realized exactly how much I love these. I have worn these boots for years, season after season (and I mean from in a -30 snowstorm which was not smart, to +30 heatwave which was also not smart, to everything in between). I have replaced the heel on them at least 6 times and the entire sole another couple times. I love them that much. These have made it through long days at work to fancy dinner parties, to countless rodeos and more. Last night I took them for a very rainy, very muddy trip out into the country- perhaps where they belong, to a little fundraiser for the Alberta Floods in the town of Okotoks. I am probably going to make it through life with these boots.

Do you have boots you can’t live with out?



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