Shopping Madison: Jimmy Choo

A few of you noticed that I was carrying more than one Jimmy Choo bag in my 5th Avenue shopping adventure picture. I already unveiled what was in bag number one: a pair of Ivette sandals in raspberry from the J.Choo prefall ’13 collection. So what was in bag number two?

Jimmy Choo Dylan Biker BootMy new favourite Dylan biker boots of course! Now, all bias aside, I have to say that these are a GREAT boot for Autumn. I am totally loving the tread on these boots as well as the stacked heel and shearling lining. It is the little details that make me say that these areĀ sensible boots. If you haven’t experienced the pure glory of even touching these boots I will tell you now how soft they are: stupidly soft. All ’round amazing. These boots are truly the answer to the inevitable “What do I wear?” question.

Also available for Fall in taupe and military as part of the AW ’13 collection.



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