Talktomyshoes in NYC: Part 2

Last Sunday I woke up in NYC with nothing but a fever and a fuzzy head. I felt like death, but that being said, I was in Manhattan and if I were to die, I’d certainly be doing it in the Garment District. Being as determined as I was, I grabbed my saviour of the morning (orange juice and a much deserved marble muffin) and was on my way.

I spent the morning exploring the Garmet District as mentioned above. I also found my way to Rockefeller Centre, NBC, Central Park, the New York Public library (which I honestly recognized because of the Sex and the City movie) and eventually, up to the top of the Empire State building to meet my parents.

Talktomyshoes Empire StateI had a tricky time taking pictures at the top due to backlighting but I did my best to edit things for the better.

Talktomyshoes Empire StateSo what am I wearing? Top: BCBG, Jeans: Rag and Bone, Sandals: Tory Burch, Earrings: Chanel, and my trusty Natasha bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

That afternoon I headed back for another taste of Broadway, this time seeing probably one of the funniest shows in ever- The Book of Mormon. If you are fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, or are not easily offended, then this is for you.

In the evening I had one of the best meals in existence, served by authentic Italian New Yorkers (which made me so happy. I guess I just like meeting different types of people?) and then grabbed a late night coffee for the adventure home.

Talktomyshoes Grand CentralSpotted at Grand Central: Talktomyshoes wanders around aimlessly before giving in to her exhaustion. But really, GC is a beautiful building and wasn’t too awful when I stopped by for a peek.

The last of the trip to come. Stay tuned for more travel style and to find out what was in those bags…


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