A Closer Look: Jimmy Choo Ivette

Jimmy Choo IvetteI promised a few special readers that I’d share what was in those Jimmy Choo bags in my other post. Well this is what was in one of the J. Choo bags (you’ll just have to wait patiently to see what was in the other!)

A very close relative to the Lance sandal that I’ve mentioned here, the Ivette sandal is basically Lance’s little sister. The exact same shoe but a little bit shorter. I won’t even begin to tell you how many pairs I tried in that Madison Avenue boutique, but I will say that Ivette was a certain winner. With a 3.25″ heel I’m free to run up and down the street sans worry of breaking my ankle. They’re a comfortable shoe- I walked the streets of NYC in them with no problem and man do they look amazing on. Pictured here in Raspberry from the PreFall ’13 collection.



2 thoughts on “A Closer Look: Jimmy Choo Ivette

  1. The strap design and detail is amazing and what a rich colour. And of course the fact they are comfy is always a bonus. I guess that’s why they say, cute and comfy.

    Thanks for sharing.

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