Travel Style (August 16/13)

I made it back home after a whirlwind trip to NYC. Once I was actually in the city, I had a pretty great time. As promised I’ll be sharing my trip with you- though over a number of different posts due to the craziness I endured, and the amount of pictures I took that I want to share with you!

We left bright and early on Friday morning for the airport… we’re talking more early than bright- I left the house before 4am, running on a total of 15 minutes of sleep. All was going so well until our plane was delayed over three hours in Calgary. I’ll try not to go into so much detail about the chaos, but lets say the plane’s main fuel gauge wasn’t working so we had to stop in Denver en route to Houston (en route to NYC because the travel agent apparently was suffering from the map shortage that miss South Carolina made known a few years ago) to fill up with gas. By the time we landed in beautiful Houston we had missed our connection. Luckily we were able to get on the next NYC flight and arrived at our hotel by 11pm.

NYC is just as amazing as I thought it would be. I was so excited driving into Manhattan, seeing the famous skyline. Everything felt electric. I had my first NYC taxi experience where my life flashed before my eyes no less than 6 times and started checking off my to-do list upon arrival.

NYC SelfieA little selfie before grabbing a midnight dinner at the hotel. So what was I wearing? Blazer: Zara, Shirt: J.Crew, Jeans: Rag and Bone, Shoes: Tory Burch. Earrings and watch: Chanel and Michael Kors respectively. Missing from the picture is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag that I brought with me. I’m really glad I brought that blazer with me to travel in, a) because I always freeze on the plane and b) because I looked much more put together at that point of my day than I felt.

Tory Burch Reva Ballet FlatI’m really loving these Reva flats by Tory Burch in “Dark Branch/ Gold” I don’t find them as comfortable as Tory Burch’s Eddie flats (due to the lack of memory foam) but they are still a great shoe and prove to be more and more comfy with each wear.

talktomyshoesA very jetlagged me checking off something on my NYC to-do list around 1am: munching on one of the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted.

I’ll be updating with alot more from NYC soon. Stay tuned!

ps- follow me on twitter and instagram @talktomyshoes for a sneak peek of the action!


5 thoughts on “Travel Style (August 16/13)

    • It isn’t a bad place to be stuck, its just that is where I was starting the trip from and we had already gone through security and customs so we were really stuck on the US departure side… and that it was 4:30 in the morning… and that United Airlines is a piece of crap and couldn’t get their ducks in a row if their lives depended on it. C’est la vie!

  1. I can’t believe it been three months since you posted this. WOW time flies. Time aside I knew this was the post with the snake print TB flats. I had to find this picture so I could confirm the ones you bought. Painful break in perIod aside these flats are AWESOME. I can’t wait to get my Irish Charcoal snake print Revas.

    I can still picture you zooming your way around NYC.

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