Valentino Rockstud at SDCC

I think that it is fair to say that high fashion was one of the last things on anyone’s mind at the San Diego Comic Con a couple weekends ago. However, leave it to me to notice Alyson Hannigan’s Valentino pumps that are nothing short of perfection.


I’ve been told many times before that Alyson is my celebrity look-a-like, and while I’m not always sure where people get that from (perhaps more when I was a redhead), I will embrace it fully as well, she has great shoes. Infact, she owns the Valentino Rockstud pumps in the most perfect red that I catch myself yearning for. *le sigh*

Alyson Hannigan Valentino

Anyway, while I very rarely cover what celebs were wearing, I thought I’d make an exception this afternoon for my so called look alike, and because this is SDCC we’re talking about, and, because I still like watching How I Met Your Mother. I figure that’s reason enough, right? Funny it was in the picture above I noticed her shoes, which you can hardly see. After looking for far too long online, this is the best pic I can find of her in them (below). If you aren’t into the shoes, maybe you are into the boob-grabbage?



Were any of you at SDCC this year? Who is your celeb look-a-like??

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2 thoughts on “Valentino Rockstud at SDCC

    • When the shoes first came out I was crazy for them in nice and blush tones, but when I saw the pair above in Vegas a few months ago I was completely swayed. Thanks for stopping by!

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