More At Home

I’m back in Calgary for a few weeks while I try to sort out what is going to happen with my life post Ottawa. And to relax. And to be with Casey (the puppy). And because it is summer so I actually have some time to spare.

Whenever there is company at the house when I’m in town, I’m usually asked to show off a pair of shoes or something. I think it is a little funny that people are actually interested in my footwear but hey, I suppose I have just rubbed off on some people. Anyway, to save myself trips up and down the stairs… and to make myself feel a little bit more “at home”, I decided to put out some of my favourite pairs. You know, the ones that survived not being boxed up to wait for a truck.

ohmygod shoesSome of these survived being boxed because I wear them so damn often, and some because I could never do that to them. Its like they have feelings. How crazy am I? Whatever.

Left to right: Nine West lace polka dot pumps, Elin Kling for Marciano Beryl, Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon, Jimmy Choo Abel, Manolo Blahnik special for Las Vegas store, Jimmy Choo Vamp sandal, Stuart Weitzman black and silver python, Jimmy Choo Pathos sandal in mirrored leather.

Maybe I should put out my flats that I kept from being boxed up too. How am I ever going to survive the rest of the summer with only 18 pairs of shoes is beyond me. Do you have pairs of shoes that you can’t live with out? Let me know, I’d love to know!

ps- if you aren’t following me on twitter already, I suggest you do so! @talktomyshoes for all the excitement.



8 thoughts on “More At Home

  1. As one chapter of your life comes to a close another chapter begins but one thing that remains constant is your love for shoes. This is confirmed by people asking to see your collection. What a great idea to display them this way. I’m sure your flats collection is every bit as nice and colourful as your heels.

    I guess I don’t need to tell you what pairs of shoes I’m loving these days.

    • Hey! I was down at Chinook yesterday and stopped in Tory Burch. I didn’t try anything on (I was wearing my Eddies too!) but definitely thought of you.
      Thanks for coming by, as always!

      • Haha, thanks for thinking of me. I haven’t been there for a couple months…Humm, maybe time to go (and just look, if that’s possible)

  2. Wooo, drooling over those shoes…..what a great display for your home:) I should do that once a while too to switch up the view around my hallway….lol

    • Thanks! I only had the shoes out temporarily before I moved them back to where they actually belong but I always enjoy showcasing shoes and purses once in a while. Fashion is art, right?

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