What I Wore: Weezer Addition

What I WoreThis has turned into a bit of a two in one post so hold on tight because things got a little crazy while typing. It all started when I put this quick outfit together before attending Bluesfest the other night. The outfit was nothing too special but it fit the criteria needed to survive mad dancing and what was like 39C with the humidity… you know, your standard summer festival wear. Bag: Kate Spade, Shorts: American Eagle, Tank: Talula , Shoes: MK, Sunnies: Prada (I switched to Jimmy Choo before initial departure) CD: Weezer, The Lion and the Witch (just incase…) Had I known that I would be having the night that I did, I probably would have gone for something completely different.

weezer ottawa bluesfest

Without a doubt, Weezer has been my favourite band for as far back as I can remember. I remember when the Buddy Holly single was released; my brother used to play the song on some mix cd he had and, in all honesty, that little guitar lick before the final choruses was enough to have me hooked for the next 18 years. So, you could only imagine how insanely excited I was that I finally got to see my favourite band in the world- one that I owe credit to for influencing my life to the point that I may even say I am where I am today because of their music. Nevermind just going to a =W= concert in its naturally epic proportions, but how about from the front row? Center? I didn’t just watch the show, I got to experience it (I only got that spot because I used to run track when I was in school, and thank god I did). Oh, and how about hangin’ out with the guys after the show? I did that too. Days later, I still feel like the luckiest girl that ever lived.

So without further adieu, some geekrock goodness via my instagram:

Scott Shriner Weezer

Weezer Ottawa Bluesfest 993920_10100526479713446_948891921_n 1000093_10100526322927646_769953997_nRivers Cuomo WeezerWeezer Ottawa BluesfestWeezer Ottawa Bluesfest




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